Suwaeru Method

Water proof and corrosion prevention method

High performance and water proof instantaneous hardening coat system.

In the Suwaeru spray system, it uses the dedicated spray gun to apply to the concrete and steel structure, forming instantaneous hardening coat. Regardless of new construction or existing structure, it is possible to form a uniform and seamless coating film in short period. Excellent in safety and durability, maintain high performance in corrosion prevention and water proof for a long period.
・Sewer facilities for concrete structures
・Water supply facilities for concrete structures
・Agricultural settlement drainage facilities for concrete structures
・Miscellaneous drainage facilities for concrete structures

Cross section of method

Feature of method

  1. 1.Excellent in safety

    ●Solvent free type
    ●No water pollution

  2. 2.Excellent in durability

    ●Excellent in chemical resistance, weather resistance etc.
    ●Have both the strength and elongation characteristic.
    ●Long term reliability on thick coat type.
    ●Seamless film, excellent in corrosion protection and waterproof.

  3. 3.Excellent in workability

    ●With the machine, the work period is short.
    ●Due to the instantaneous hardening, we can generate uniform coating even on the ceiling and wall.

Other Method
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