AD Buckling Restraint Brace

Seismic retrofit

It is a steel pipe brace for seismic retrofit with pin joint at both ends.

AD buckling restraint brace which have a main pipe for bearing axial force is covered with a restraining pipe, produce the same in both compression and tensile strength. The safety of brace durability, clevis, pin and gusset plate has been confirmed at the experiment. The shape and dimensions of gusset plate are standardized, therefore we can omit the examination of it.

Feature of AD buckling restraint brace

  1. 1. Usable at both new construction and retrofit

    Application of AD buckling restraint brace can increase the earthquake resistance of new and existing building.

  2. 2. They have the same compression and tensile strength.

    This is a double pipe structure, which one pipe for bearing axial force and a restraining pipe for restraint the buckling of it in AD buckling restraint brace, make it have the same value in compression and tensile strength.

  3. 3. Acquisition of industry evaluation

    It has been evaluated by the Center for Better Living, a nonprofit organization (CBL No.SS001-15).

  4. 4. Easy to adjust

    By using turnbuckles, the distance between pins can be adjusted by ±20mm.

Other Method
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